My specialty is persuasively communicating difficult topics

I am a writer and a marketing strategist involved in complex fields of business: Financial services and asset management. Scientific consultancies. Medical issues. Retirement finances, investment and insurance, law and regulations. Philanthropy, endowment campaigns and nonprofit fundraising.

The audiences and networks I address often have contrasting or even competing agendas: Professional intermediators. Sensitive relationships. Profound consequences. Yet something of value to all must be communicated.

Say it better, say it wiser, say it stronger

Effective communication distills sophisticated concepts into memorable and actionable expressions — in other words, new ideas. The key ingredients include strategic conception, precise word choice, message sequence and timing, patterns of audience readiness, and controlled revelation.

My capabilities have benefited dozens of clients via hundreds of projects. Books. Keynotes. Annual reports. Advisory programs. Marketing communications. Websites. Capital campaigns.

How I work, and what I am not

Generally you present me with your business challenge and shortly afterward I present you with one or more creative frameworks for deliverable solutions to your problem.

Then I work with your agency or in-house design staff or assemble a custom team to realize your projects.

What I provide — Creative direction, conceptual foundations, copy, naming, value propositions, speeches, core narratives, scripts, web and social media text, marketing strategy.

What I do not provide — Public or media relations, media strategy or buying.

Do I contract directly? Yes.
Do I subcontract? Yes.
Do I work with your existing creatives? Yes.
Can I bring in qualified consultants and talent to tackle your bigger projects? Yes.

What I do can help you exceed your business objectives. Contact me.

See some of my clients and projects.

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