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  • Driving through western Georgia

    Driving through western Georgia

    Our visit to St. EOM’s Pasaquan was by car, and we had the opportunity to take a brief but fascinating tour through some of the sights in this lovely part of the deep South. We arrived from Alabama, coming east through Columbus, Georgia, and passing by Fort Benning before arriving at Buena Vista (locally pronounced “BYOO-nah vista”) itself — the town…

  • Big themes at Morningstar Investment Conference 2012

    Several themes emerged at last week’s Morningstar Investment Conference: Don’t panic 1: “It’s hard to imagine the Eurozone coming apart” (Michael Hasenstab, Franklin Templeton) Don’t panic 2: “For China to experience a hard landing would require two unlikely near-term events… a massive overtightening error, and a banking crisis” (Michael Hasenstab, Franklin Templeton) The best growth…

  • New grill in town

    Since my wife and I visited Italy over a decade ago, I have always wanted a woodfire grill. We had stayed in a walled hill town in the Marches, far from the beaten tourist path, and our proprietress put a couple of steaks on a stick and held them in the fireplace. Simple, unfussy, and…

  • Lao Shanghai

    An emphatic yes on the Shanghai branch of Tony Hu’s culinary empire. See pictures here — this is pretty much what we ate. Two people for lunch, $22. We’ll be back. Lao Shanghai 2163 A China Place Chicago, IL 60616 312-808-0830