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  • Books read in 2016

    Books read in 2016

    Books! Best to worst. Paul Beatty, The Sellout Extraordinary, hilarious, brilliant. Racial stereotypes dancing in front of a funhouse mirror of satire, through a knowing lens of American literature and culture (both African- and Anglo-). More great comic one-liners per page than any other fancy hardbound book I’ve ever read. Jon Meachum, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power […]

  • Books 2013

    Only one nonfiction book in this very random collection, but it tops the list in its insight and importance. From the best to the least best: Jaron Lanier, Who Owns the Future? George Saunders, Tenth of December Teju Cole, Open City Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge AM Homes, May We Be Forgiven Leavitt, Two Hotel Francforts […]

  • Big themes at Morningstar Investment Conference 2012

    Several themes emerged at last week’s Morningstar Investment Conference: Don’t panic 1: “It’s hard to imagine the Eurozone coming apart” (Michael Hasenstab, Franklin Templeton) Don’t panic 2: “For China to experience a hard landing would require two unlikely near-term events… a massive overtightening error, and a banking crisis” (Michael Hasenstab, Franklin Templeton) The best growth […]

  • Hitch-22 : Christopher Hitchens

    Further proof that erudition does not equal intelligence. Despite a moving account of his youth, the book devolves into an extended rationalization of Hitchens’s approval of the Iraq invasion by his adopted country, the United States. That and the book’s meaningless, arbitrary title undermine its narrative and its pretension to intellectual rigor, by unfairly borrowing […]