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  • Books read in 2017

    Books read in 2017

    Books! Best to worst. Too many music books, as usual, but hey. Sam Lipsyte, The Fun Parts Wack. Haruki Murakami, Absolutely on Music Six extraordinary conversations about music with Seiji Ozawa. Steve Turner, Beatles, ’66: The Revolutionary Year How a boy band became a zeitgeist. Robert Irwin, The Alhambra The story of “The Red” — the only Muslim palace […]

  • La Lengua Extraña

    La Lengua Extraña

    Sundays in Madrid are highlighted by El Rastro — an enormous flea market that dominates the area near the Metro stop La Latina. For our first El Rastro we were delighted to meet a young poet named Nuria Herrera. She sat among the vendor stalls offering to write poems on themes suggested by passers-by. When […]

  • Pasaquan Regained

    Pasaquan Regained

    Over the course of your lifetime, every now and then you encounter something so strange and compelling and vivid that you know you will never forget it. Pasaquan is like that. On August 25 Sharon and I had the pleasure and honor of visiting Pasaquan, the home of visionary artist Eddie Owens Martin who renamed himself as St. […]

  • Pasaquan Gallery

    Pasaquan Gallery

    Welcome to St. EOM’s house PASAQUAN PANORAMA Shot from the roof of the building known as “the pagoda” during the active restoration of the Pasaquan complex, this panoramic image shows the yellow main house at center, the extensive additions behind the original building, the outdoor dance circle to the right, and the painted concrete relief-murals that define outdoor regions […]

  • Driving through western Georgia

    Driving through western Georgia

    Our visit to St. EOM’s Pasaquan was by car, and we had the opportunity to take a brief but fascinating tour through some of the sights in this lovely part of the deep South. We arrived from Alabama, coming east through Columbus, Georgia, and passing by Fort Benning before arriving at Buena Vista (locally pronounced “BYOO-nah vista”) itself — the town […]