Case study: WealthFlow

Title: WealthFlow
Project: Naming and program repositioning
Design: Click Communications
Client: Scudder Investments
Service: Name, program rationale, strategy, concept, module hierarchy, taglines, copywriting

Taking advantage of the rebranding from Kemper to Scudder Investments, our team was asked to rethink a program called Kemper Solutions, a series of sales development and educational modules used by financial representatives to build their businesses and to sell mutual funds and other investment products more effectively.

Our recommendation was to repackage the program as a two-track system, one track helping financial representatives build their own businesses while the second track helped them better service their clients’ needs for timely financial advice and guidance.

We renamed the program WealthFlow Solutions to suggest that each of the modules was a solution to help channel the flow of wealth‚ either for the financial representative or for his or her client.

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