Exponent 50

Title: Exponent(50): A Tribute to Complexity 1967–2017
Project: Book
Design: Marcus Associates
Client: Exponent
Service: Writing, content organization and editing

A handsome coffee table book commemorative keepsake for clients and shareholders of Exponent, Inc., the multidisciplinary engineering and technology consultancy.

I wrote and edited the text for this attractively produced book, transforming content from scientists, engineers and project managers into a coherent and compelling company narrative. Exponent is a global engineering and scientific consulting firm with expertise in over 70 disciplines, ranging from accident reconstruction to water resource engineering.

The fifty-year history of Exponent was represented by fifty case studies, each consisting of a two-page spread with a main narrative, rich visuals, and a variety of captions, annotations and sidebars that were designed to expand readers’ understanding and to encourage browsing.

The book was a sequel to the company’s first book of historical case studies, Exponent(40), also written by Michael Vitali, published on the fortieth anniversary of the company’s founding.

Table of contents
Private eyes
Black powder
50-year timeline