Tag: Grade A+

  • Crisis Economics : Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm

    I am not an economist but part of my job is to explain to everyday investors how it all works — that is, when it does. Of late I have been reading a lot about the economic crisis because I am not convinced that the systemic weaknesses and abuses that led to it have been adequately […]

  • The Big Short : Michael Lewis

    Let me start out by saying this is one of the most important stories of our era, and Michael Lewis has done a masterful job of telling it. Watching the onion of Wall Street being peeled back by a handful of far-sighted and somewhat eccentric short sellers was the perfect way to frame this narrative. […]

  • Nothing to Be Frightened Of : Julian Barnes

    I’ve read of couple of Barnes’s fiction books in the past, but none of them impressed me the way this one did. Nothing to Be Frightened Of is a kind of reverse-angle autobiography — instead of a chronicle of a given life, he presents the frankness of an inquiry into what a given death might […]