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  • Pasaquan Regained

    Pasaquan Regained

    Over the course of your lifetime, every now and then you encounter something so strange and compelling and vivid that you know you will never forget it. Pasaquan is like that. On August 25 Sharon and I had the pleasure and honor of visiting Pasaquan, the home of visionary artist Eddie Owens Martin who renamed himself as St.…

  • Pasaquan Gallery

    Pasaquan Gallery

    Welcome to St. EOM’s house PASAQUAN PANORAMA Shot from the roof of the building known as “the pagoda” during the active restoration of the Pasaquan complex, this panoramic image shows the yellow main house at center, the extensive additions behind the original building, the outdoor dance circle to the right, and the painted concrete relief-murals that define outdoor regions…

  • Buena Vista Projects

    Buena Vista Projects

    John Salhus, staff member of Parma Conservation and lead conservator of paint at the Kohler Foundation’s multi-year restoration at Pasaquan, found himself spending over a year in rural Georgia with a fair amount of free time on his hands. Inspired by the spirit of St. EOM, John began to parallel the restoration work he was performing…