Tag: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Top 5 books of 2010

    Below are the five books I enjoyed most, or found to be most persuasive or positively influential, out of the few dozen I managed to read this year. These were not necessarily published in 2010 — they are included only if I actually read them during the course of the year. Three economics/investing books, one […]

  • Crisis Economics : Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm

    I am not an economist but part of my job is to explain to everyday investors how it all works — that is, when it does. Of late I have been reading a lot about the economic crisis because I am not convinced that the systemic weaknesses and abuses that led to it have been adequately […]

  • Bursts : Albert-László Barabási

    A hundred pounds of stylistic icing on a few grams of cake. Nearly half this book is a sustained (though interrupted) narrative of 16th century Transylvanian military history, mixed with random thoughts about why Google may be evil, and why you sometimes roll a 6 on a die several times in a row. This text […]