The “Keeping Our Word” campaign from Eagle Asset Management, now offline, looked suspiciously (and coincidentally, I’m sure) like my “Neologisms” ads for Deloitte & Touche of nine years ago.

I have to admit I’m a sucker for invented words, so I admire Eagle’s approach which consists of these new coinages:

perfonomy — the addition of alpha through our independent investment-team approach

experiocus — the result of three decades’ experience meeting an asset-management focus

convigrity — our blend of strong conviction in fundamental research with the integrity of our investment-style-specific portfolio managers

“Convigrity” sounds like what you might want to restore with Viagra or Cialis following a bout of performance decile dysfunction.

My own neologisms from back in 2002 (for tax software as opposed to asset management), with significantly shorter definitions:

supportitude — a superior customer service attitude

scaligent — scalable and intelligent

intuitivity — intuitive Web connectivity

Back then we were still capitalizing “Web.” So young and naive.

Link from @jasonzweigwsj.



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